New Horizon is truly connected, offering excellent public and private transport connectivity, combined with a large labour pool.

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People in

Source: Nomis 2016

unemployed and
looking for work

Source: Nomis 2016

journey to work area


People employed in
warehousing / transport

Source: Nomis 2016

number of people of working age
in journey to work

Source: ONS Annual Population Survey, August 2018

1,000,000,000 invested in infrastructure in the city and county

7% LOWER salary and office costs than UK average

One of the YOUNGEST populations in the UK

77% of UK population within 4hr drivetime

CORE DISTRIBUTION and related activities account for 5.6% of all residents’ jobs, sitting above the national average of 4.6%

SALARY RATES for front-line distribution and warehousing staff are all below national average

28,100 PEOPLE in Nottingham employed by logistics firms in Nottingham, 9.7% of the national average

TOP LOCATION for graduate employers

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE is in the top tier of national distribution locations

63,000 Students a year

Access to WORKFORCE of 1.3M